Pure Tasmanian Spring Water

Wellington Springs are sourced from pristine southwest Tasmania. The unspoiled wilderness and waterways are captured in every bottle, including multi-minerals and fresh taste. This will play an integral part of your balanced healthy daily diet. 

Based in Tasmania

Established in 1992, Wellington Springs has been providing pure natural water to offices and homes. 

Single Source

Our spring water is sourced from the pristine wilderness of the southwestern Tasmania. 


Wellington Springs is dedicated to green manufacturing and 100%  bio-degradable bottles. 

Water Coolers

We offer a wide range of spring water dispenser solutions. Our freestanding & benchtop options can deliver combinations of cold, ambient and hot water for that perfectly chilled glass of water on a hot day, or hot cuppa on a cold Winters day.

Returnable Bottles

Every drop of pristine water are bottled in 11- litre BPA free and recyclable bottles

We are driven by values

For a balanced environment, we are also dedicated to the Returnable Bottle Scheme. We deliver and collect 11-litre bio-degradable bottles back on your next delivery. After disinfection, the bottles will continue their duty again! 

Delivery Areas

We offer a delivery service of our Pure Tasmanian Spring Water to most locations in Tasmania.

Deliveries are made on a weekly, fortnightly basis or as required.

Please have your empty water bottles ready for collection, our team of drivers will gladly replace these empty bottles or deliver the amount you require.

Let’s work together on your
next water delivery