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About Us

Pure Tasmanian spring water.

Put a spring in your step with naturally fresh spring water from Wellington Springs.

We are the market leader of bottled water in Tasmania and being Tasmanian owned we are synonymous with being clean and green.

Since 1992 we’ve been providing a fresh natural source of drinking water to homes, offices, work sites, factories, in fact any location.

With weekly or yearly rental packages, we offer bench top, free standing or sports units.

Cleaning and maintenance is included as part of the service!

Wellington Springs water is sourced from south west Tasmania.

The water is pumped to settling tanks before being tanker driven to our onsite stainless steel holding tanks.

UV filtering ensures Wellington Springs Water is bottled and delivered to our customers in pristine condition.


What better ingredient to add to my all my soaps and creams –  Mt Wellington Spring Water.  It is pure, fresh and utterly Tasmanian!  Bottled at the base of Mt Wellington at a spring, it is then transported to Cambridge ( not far from me) to be bottled and kept in pristine condition.
Pretty easy hey – Just pure water! No nasties, chemicals or additives!

Millie’s Maa Soaps is a perfect example of using other Tasmanian products “Mt Wellington Spring Water”

Visit their website.